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It is our policy to act against intellectual property violations that may be generated or originated as stipulated in the legislation and in other applicable intellectual property laws, including the elimination or blocking of access to material that is subject to activities that infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties.


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  • The provision or lack thereof of services of any information or graphics contained or published on or through the indicated site.
  • Updating or lack of updating information.
  • The alteration or modification, total or partial, of the information after it has been included in said site.
  • Any other aspect or characteristic of the information contained or published on the website or through the links that may eventually be included on this site.


In case of using this website for commercial processes, the legal relationship with the User will be governed in general, by these Terms and Conditions, and in particular, by the contracts or agreements entered into, where appropriate, with third parties. parts.

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The personal data of the Users that, if applicable, are provided when using this website will be protected and will be treated in terms of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, and particularly, of the Privacy Notice of JGLashes, which at all times is available for consultation at www.jglashes.com and that in the moment of using this website the user accepts the scope of said document.


In case of any complaint, doubt or clarification, by the User about these Terms and Conditions, or about the operation of this website, the Parties agree to a communication process by email to the following address: info@ jglashes.com

In this sense, JGLashes undertakes to give a sustained and written response to the User within a period of one month from receipt of the request. not to exceed 10 (ten) business days. If the answer is not satisfactory, the User may resolve any controversy before the competent administrative or judicial instances and based on the applicable laws in Mexico.